Unit12 我的冰雪情 Interview 03

ZM: When did you start to learn to ski? Do you still remember the first time you skied? Did you have an instructor to guide you or did you do it on your own?
Mirka: I started when I was about two years old. I had skis that you could kind of wrap around your normal snow boots. I loved the snow when I was a kid. In Austria I went to the ski kindergarten at the age of three. We had a coach who taught us how to use the skis and poles. Then at the age of 14 I used to go with a sports group from my hometown. We went skiing for 14 days in spring vacation. We always went to Switzerland where we rented a huge hut for all of us (about 50 kids) and cooked our meals at night and had instructors. We had lots of fun!