AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Route 66 comes to Beijing

2015-06-25 14:44:17

American food festival in Conrad Hotel Beijing

Chefs Michael D. Rosenblum and Yannick Ehrsam

Chipotle Rubbed Chicken

Monterey Jack Cheese and Orzo-Stuffed Vine Tomatoes

Route 66 in SW United States


Route 66 is probably the most famous highway in the U.S.. Running from Chicago southwest to Los Angeles the road has been immortalized in song, books, film, photography and for many it was the route to the American Dream. California was the sunshine state, the Golden State and the road carried many people there wanting to start a new life. It passes through a cross-section of the country's physical geography - from the Great Lakes close to Chicago, through the farmlands of the Mid-West, the 'Big Sky Country' of the Great Plains before crossing the deserts of New Mexico to the fertile valleys and the Pacific Coast of California.
The U.S. has also been a land of immigration - every world country has descendants there. This combination of physical geography and peoples from many cultures has created a unique range of dining experience quite unlike almost any other country today. People who have never been to the U.S. often associate the country with fast food. While it is true that U.S. fast food is present worldwide, the country itself has an amazing range of creative foods - some reflect the origins of its people while other foods are fusions of cultures.
Recently in Beijing the Conrad Hotel came up with a unique food festival based around Route 66. Diners were able to sample a range of unique dishes from various regions and from different cultural backgrounds.
The idea came from Executive Chef Yannick Ehrsam working with Michael D Rosenblum. Michael is Chef to the U.S. Ambassador to China. In today's feature Yannick talks of the ideas behind the food creations while Michael talks of the family road trips he experienced along highways such as Route 66.
这个创意来自于酒店的行政主厨Yannick Ehrsam 和 美国驻华大使首席厨师Michael D Rosenblum。在今天的节目中,Yannick谈到了食物创新后的理念创作, Michael则谈到了他经历的的高速公路家庭旅行。