AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

From Italy to managing 'Morton's of Chicago' in Beijing

2015-06-23 20:37:43

Bar 1221 at Morton's

Dining space at Morton's

Francesco Brusa GM at Morton's of Chicago

Fresh prawns at Morton's

Private dining room at Morton's of Chicago


Francesco Brusa has a passion for food. He grew up in the southern Italian city of Naples located between the volcano Vesuvius and the sea. The area is famed for its beautiful weather and great food. Evening dinners were long family affairs and often taken.outdoors.
Today Francesco is Manager of 'Morton's of Chicago' in Beijing - a branch of the leading U.S. steakhouse. It is based in the Regent Hotel in central Beijing. In today's feature he starts by talking of Italy and of course, food!
Morton's have brought a taste of Chicago to Beijing. Francesco talks of the company's origins back in 1978 and how it grew into increasingly an international business. Every Morton's has a '1221 Bar' remembering the founding date, 21 December in that year.
He explains how the concept started by what became known as the 'Million Dollar Hamburger' created in Montreal Canada. He talks of the evolution of the burger from its early fast food origins into the gourmet burger increasingly common in major cities such as Beijing.