AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Exploring the interior of Beijing's early stock exchange

2015-07-27 19:36:06


A reminder of the area's fomer financial past (Bruce Connolly)

Bicycles parked in the former stock exchange (Jens Schott Knudsen)

Example of Jens' stunning photography - Galaxy SOHO Beijing (Jens Schott Knudsen)

Exterior of the former Exchange (Bruce Connolly)

Renovation of area near Zhengyangmen (Jens Schott Knudsen)


In an earlier feature Bruce introduced us to his Danish friend Jens, a photographer who has documented the first stock exchange in Beijing. We rejoin them today outside this two floor building on Qianmen Xiheyan Jie. Jens points out some of its unique exterior features combing a mixture of Chinese and western elements.
Jens also wrote about the building for the UK's Guardian newspaper as part of a series looking at cities through their buildings. He explained its role in the early 20th century development of Beijing as a fledgling financial hub. Nearby also are major bank buildings from this period today being incorporated into a tourism project immediately west of Qianmen.
Jens and Bruce go inside and look up to the roof with its high windows letting in natural daylight onto the floor of the balconies and main floor of this amazing structure. They then carefully climb the old wooden staircase up to the second floor balcony which is lined with what must have been financial offices.
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