AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

From weatherman in Australia to news anchor in Beijing

2015-07-03 16:36:23


CCTV Building seen from Sanhuan (No 3 Ring Road)

CCTV's iconic building Guanghua Lu Beijing

Edwin Maher 'Caught on CCTV'

Edwin Maher News Presenter with CCTV

 Edwin signing his latest book 'Caught on CCTV'

Edwin Maher is a face familiar to viewers worldwide of CCTV's English language news programmes. In an earlier feature we learned of his background in New Zealand and of ambitions to go into broadcasting. From early starts in his homeland he moved across to Australia working first with local stations before moving up to national broadcaster ABC. Involved with various programmes Edwin established himself as a weather presenter. He brought his unique style to the job earning him some celebrity status. He talks of some experiences as a weatherman, of recording a song about the job and of writing a book around the experiences of other TV weathermen.
Edwin explains how after retiring, due to unfortunate family circumstances, from ABC, he would listen to a short-wave radio set at home. One day he picked up a programme from CRI - fascinated, he sent off a resume of his work and experience - not only as a broadcaster but also as a voice trainer. Soon after he was in Beijing and working with CRI. His contract was for six months and after that initial period he moved over to CCTV becoming the first western news reader on its programmes going worldwide, particularly to the U.S.
After 12 years Edwin is still enjoying work and life here in China and has made a major contribution to the country's international broadcasting profile.