AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Yoga bliss for mind, body and stomach at The Hutong

2015-09-15 21:38:02


Jeremiah Jenne with group in Forbidden City



Reshma enjoying breakfast in Mumbai - Copy



The Hutong entrance



Yoga on the Great Wall



Yoga session with Erin



Yoga with Erin Henshaw



 With lovely autumn weather now in  Beijing Bruce headed to The Hutong Cultural Exchange Centre near Beixinqiao. He went there to talk with manager, Jeremiah Jenne to be updated on the centre’s autumn programme - it was also an excuse for Bruce to sit on the rooftop terrace and take in great views of Old Beijing all around!


Through this month there will be a series of Yoga and Indian cooking classes with Erin Henshaw and Reshma Khan. Erin is a co-founder of ‘Mind, Body, Fitness Retreats’. She is also an international tea traveller. The programme will show how Yoga is a way to create pleasure in our bodies and minds, how to access our human potential and also why teas and herbs are much more then simply a source of caffeine.


Yoga aims to cultivate a physical and mental balance in life. Along with the exercise there is food which in yoga cooking should be nutritious, easy to digest, free of toxins and a way to improve health. Chef Reshma will take participants on a journey to discover the art of cooking delicious, healthy and nourishing vegetarian meals.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Tang, Erin Henshaw,  Reshma Khan and Jeremiah Jenne of The Hutong.

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