AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Creating a unique dining experience within central Beijing

2015-09-15 21:34:07

A tasty bite from the sea (Randy Lee Svendsen)
Culinary creations at TRB Bites (Randy Lee Svendsen)

Dining area looks out to Forbidden City (Carine Chu)
Donghuamen - early evening from TRB 'Bites'
Entrance to TRB Bites (Carine Chu)
Sugary Bites (Randy Lee Svendsen)
Belgian restaurateur Ignace Lecleir came initially to Beijing to manage Maison Boloud near Qianmen. He went on to open the highly regarded TRB (Temple Restaurant Beijing) and Copper - both are within Hutong alleys east of Jingshan Park - areas Ignace feels are like timeless villages within a large city. His latest venture is TRB 'Bites' within the premises of former, high end 'The Courtyard' restaurant directly outside the East Gate of the Forbidden City (Donghuamen).
Ignace talks of the challenges opening in such a space and of how he has created an affordable dining experience while still maintaining the outstanding quality that is associated with 'TRB'.
The location with its stunning views of history is an obvious attraction for both regular diners and visitors to Beijing. Despite close proximity to the centre of Beijing the area is very peaceful Diners can watch the activity in the open kitchen where a group of highly experienced Chinese and Western chefs deliver a range of exciting, unique culinary creations - everything from French to Moroccan and much more in between.
Ignace explains how the menu changes with the seasons and depends on what fresh, quality ingredients can be sourced locally, creating a range of tasty 'bites' for the diners.