AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

The importance of promotional events in developing the market

2015-09-15 21:38:00


'George the Piper' at Whisky L
Kilt was a feature at the Whisky Festival
Stephen Notman CEO of 'Whisky L'
The Glenlivet at Whisky L
Welcome to Scotland
Whisky in the barrell
Stephen Notman is CEO of 'Whisky L' - helping to promote and introduce the finest Scotch whiskies and excellent craft beers to the Chinese market.
Increasing numbers of Chinese have travelled to Scotland and even visited some of its renowned distilleries. Back in China they try to relive some of those experiences. Events such as 'Whisky L' not only are reminders but also help to showcase the range and diversity of excellent Scottish drinks available today in China.
Stephen talks of the governmental support his events receive and of how when First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was in Beijing recently she signed a whisky bottle in front of Stephen. Whisky is very important both for exports and employment within Scotland's economy.
In China the market for such drinks is with the younger, professional age groups - people who feel more international in their lifestyle choices. 'Whisky L' events bring together many producers from across Scotland - often they wear kilts, to the delight of Chinese audience.