AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Beijing e-prix helps with the development of electric car technology

2015-08-09 20:17:04


Formual E track Moscow Red Square

Formula E car

Formula E Pre-qualification draw Beijing 2014


Press photography of the drivers

Race track at Beijing Olympic Green

Safety car for the race


May Tang, Chief Operating Officer of Enova Holdings talks today of the second Beijing ‘e-Prix’ to be held at the Olympic Green in October. She explains how the track is professionally designed to create a highly competitive, but safe raceway. Due to lower vehicle noise, spectators can view the events closer than possible in Formula 1 events. May explains how the cars have special fan boosters to allow spurts of higher speeds.

For companies working on the development of these advanced sports cars there is the benefit of obtaining deep experience in electric car technology – potentially the future for the automobile.

Most of the drivers have had F1 experience, although the way of driving is quite different and the cars are also longer. Last year all cars were identical – this year teams can develop more within each car although the cars will continue to look the same.

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