AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

University collaboration in urban planning and business studies

2015-08-09 19:56:21


Fraser Building  Glasgow University

Historic Campus of Glasgow University

Lion and Unicorn staircase Glasgow University

Photo taking after Graduation Ceremony

Principal Anton Muscatelli 2013

The University of Glasgow West Quadrangle and Chapel


Principal Anton Muscatelli of the University of Glasgow was in Beijing recently alongside a visit to China by Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Principal Muscatelli was also visiting Tianjin’s Nankai University. Both universities are setting up a joint-graduate school focussing on urban planning and development which is seen as crucial within current trend towards urbanisation in China. Another programme is in creating a Masters in International Relations.

A major collaboration between the universities is through Glasgow’s prestigious Adam Smith Business School which the Principal hopes will extend to Ph.D. level  There is potentially a large demand for advanced studies in economics, business, management and finance. With its association with the ‘Father of Economics’, Adam Smith, the Business School is a major draw for many overseas students.

Principal Muscatelli talks enthusiastically about Glasgow University’s growing alumni in China and of how many students returning here find excellent employment opportunities both with major domestic and multi-national companies operating in China.