AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

From artistic background in Ireland to director of world leading festival

2015-08-07 11:07:44


 EIf Audience ( Eoin Carey 2011)

Festival Director Fergus Linehan  (Stuart Armitt )

Festival Theatre Alonzo King Curtain Call (Claudine Quinn 2010)

The Magic Flute (  Iko Freese, )

The Marriage of Figaro (Marco Borggreve)

Virgin Money Fireworks Concert ( Eoin Carey 2011)


Today in Scotland the Edinburgh International Festival begins. August will be a month of culture, events and enjoyment within a great atmosphere of enjoyment.

Festival Director Fergus Linehan was in Beijing recently when Bruce caught up with him. Fergus came from working in Australia last year to take over at Edinburgh. As he explains he comes from an Irish artistic family. After finishing his education Fergus helped set up a theatre company in Dublin. Later he was involved in the management of the Dublin Theatre Festival going on to be its Artistic Director. He was responsible for commissioning major writers and performers, some of whom have also performed in Irish festivals here in Beijing. Fergus talks of the importance of writers within the culture and life of Ireland.

He goes on to talk about the Festival now underway in Edinburgh. It is now in its 68th year since its launch after the War and has grown into one of the World’s major festivals – bringing performers and visitors from many countries to Scotland. With it beautiful location and its great sense of history Edinburgh is the perfect location for such a major event.