AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

'City of Dreams'

2015-08-04 16:43:41


Busy night food alley in Mumbai (Reshma Khan)

Enjoying evening food with friends in Mumbai (Reshma Khan)

Evening at confectionary stall in Mumbai (Reshma Khan)

Night food market in Mumbai (Reshma Khan)

Ready for lunch in Mumbai

Street snack stalls in Mumbai (Reshma Khan)


Indian culinary expert Reshma Khan continues her descriptive conversation with Bruce about Mumbai - her dynamic home city and a 'City of Dreams'. Mumbai is home to Bollywood - the centre of India's film industry and also the creator of hopeful, colourful dreams. It is a city which attracts many people from poorer interior regions hoping to move to the coast in search of a better life.
Due to British and Portuguese colonial periods its legacy of outstanding historic architecture make it a top tourist destination. Close to the 'Gate of India' overlooking the ocean stands the iconic Taj Mahal hotel where people love to sit sipping afternoon tea, particularly during rainy, monsoon periods. The city is also attracting increasing numbers of Chinese tourists lured by its shopping, dining and photographic attractions.
Mumbai of course is also a very modern city with futuristic architecture rising around its congested historic core. For the visitor, however, much of the attraction is the street life, particularly the cheap and tasty snack food widely available. For the visitor also, a great advantage is the widespread use of English making it easy to shop, purchase train tickets and to book into hotels.