AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Experiencing Beijing's Iron Road

2015-08-04 16:30:51


High-wire bridge (Michelle Tang)

Much safer than it looks! (Michelle Tang)

Resting in the gap (Michelle Tang)

Safely following the Via Ferrata (Michelle Tang)

Scaling the cliff face (Michelle Tang)

Traversing Beijing's Via Ferrata (Michelle tang)


A new experience welcomes adventure seekers to Yanshan in Beijing's Huairou - this is the Via Ferrata or Iron Road.
Back in Europe during World War 2 a novel way for troops to cross Italy's steep Alpine mountains was devised - this was a series of iron ladders, metal bridges and fixed steel cables. Troops could attach themselves to the cables and safely cross very steep rocky slopes and sheer cliffs. After the war these routes became popular with mountaineers and also increasingly people looking for adventurous fun together.
Jeremiah Jenne is Manager at The Hutong Cultural Exchange Centre at Beixinqiao here in Beijing. The Hutong organises adventure programmes to Beijing's first Via Ferrata at Yanshan in Huairou - a part of the city famed for its spectacular mountains and steep rock faces.
Jeremiah describes this 'Iron Road' adventure and how although it may look terrifying it is actually very safe - instruction is given before anyone sets off along the course. It is now becoming a popular weekend  destination for young Beijingers.
Recently a group of staff from The Hutong followed the route before heading to Huanghuacheng, the Yellow Flower Great Wall, where they camped close to a lake which today splits a section known as the 'Wild Great Wall'. Photos taken by Michelle Tang of The Hutong
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