AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

From the teahouse to the teashop

2014-03-09 16:36:32

Artistic design for the wild tea boxes

Jacky Li working in his studio

Kristin Johnson sipping the wild tea

Tea set on table with Jacky Li's artwork

Wall painting by Jacky Li

Recently Bruce introduced us to Kristin Johnson who is helping to develop the concept of drinking healthy, wild tea from the mountains of Guizhou. This she serves in a beautiful former courtyard home on Fangzhuanchang Hutong near Nanluoguxiang. While explaining the ideas and properties of the wild tea she invited Bruce to walk with her along to a tiny tea shop she operates on Shajing Hutong only a minute from Nanluoguxiang.

This shop is a tea-lovers dream – it is so quiet and peaceful inside but the entire shop is dedicated to the culture of unique teas. Boxes and tins are decorated with the artwork of the concept’s founder; Chinese artist Jacky Li. Artwork, calligraphy, ink paintings and unique woodwork enhance the appeal of this beautiful little space.

In this feature Jacky explains his ideas and philosophy in Chinese with Kristin translating. Listening to Jacky, he is not only an expert on wild tea but is obviously very enthusiastic about his passion for the teas he is promoting.