AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

From tropical Hainan it was time to start heading back north, but it was also towards winter!

2014-03-09 16:22:09

Fenghuang  Hunan - ethnic store

Fenghuang town Hunan

Hakka tulou dwelling

Hakka 'tulou' village Fujian

Li River near Yangshuo Guangxi

Tropical Sanya Hainan


In our feature today following the Great Motorcycle ride around China, Amy Mathieson and her partner Buck are starting to head back home and to winter weather!

We join them first on the sub-tropical island of Hainan where even in November they enjoyed warm weather and fresh sea breezes. Leaving the island they headed back to Guangxi to spend time around the limestone landscapes of Yangshuo.

In Hunan winter was approaching and it was raining – cold rain which made riding the bike feel quite uncomfortable. Back in Guangdong it was warmer as they headed south to Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau.

But, they had to return north – Fujian was still warm. The scenery of hills lined with tea terraces was particularly beautiful. Amy was particularly interested in the unique house styles – circular buildings still used by Hakka people.

Continuing heading north they travelled via Hangzhou towards Shanghai and realised they had unofficially broken the motorcycle record they were aiming for.