AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Looking back affectionately at growing up in the far north of America

2014-03-09 15:57:06


Alaska House Fairbanks

Anchorage Gateway to Alaska

Cowboys at Alaska Land Fairbanks

Husky Dog Fairbanks Alaska

Road sign Alaska Highway Haines Junction

Wrangell Alaska

Today we are back with Alaskan woman Danielle Tymczyszyn as she talks affectionately about her homeland.

Alaska is very close to Russia – a narrow stretch of water separates both countries. At one time in the past, sea level was lower than today and there was a ‘land-bridge’ that allowed the movement of native people from Asia to cross onto North America and inhabit the Arctic lands. Today the Inuit people of Alaska can trace their ancestry back to Asia.

Danielle’s home city of Juneau has a population of 33,000 – tiny compared to Beijing, her adopted home today. Danielle’s husband has been involved in aviation all his life and he continues to work in that area here in China.

Danielle explains how back in Alaska many people have small planes to travel around the State. Private aviation is something just starting in China but it looks like there could be a great potential market for light aircraft. She talks of the experience of travelling in these small planes and how the flights could often be quite bumpy!

Looking back affectionately at life in Alaska, Danielle is sure it was a great place to grow up as a child, surrounded by so much spectacular nature.