AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Nanluoguxiang continues its growth as a major travel destination in Beijing

2015-09-18 11:12:04


 A 'selfie' with snacks

 Friends enjoying the alley

 Meeting a character on Nanluoguxiang

Nanluoguxiang is a popular travel destination

Sharing a snack on Nanluoguxiang

 Strolling on Nanluoguxiang


Many years ago Bruce lived close to the now bustling Nanluoguxiang alley near Shichahai. At that time he was staying in a small room that was part of a traditional siheyuan courtyard. He loved walking around the neighborhood and was even one of the first customers of the backpacker-styled Pass By Bar. That bar was the forerunner to the total transformation of the alley in recent years into one of Beijing's tourist hotspots.

Bruce continues to be fascinated with the story of the alley. Recently he went back to talk with his old friend Dominic Johnston Hill, proprietor and founder of Nanluoguxiang's iconic 'Plastered 8' t-shirt shop. Twice annually they enjoy talking of the latest updates within the area. Dominic is a ready source of knowledge on its changes and also where the alley's future development is heading.

Although city shopping malls, for example, may be seeing a downturn in business as more people turn to on-line shopping, the Nanluoguxiang experience continues to thrive. This summer the alley was exceptionally busy and grew as a 'must visit' destination for a growing number of young, mostly student, domestic travellers arriving from all across the country.

With the surging visitor numbers rents have soared. This has resulted in the closure of many larger restaurants and cafe bars to be replaced by the growth of smaller snack kiosks that are very popular with the young travellers enjoying the fun of the alley.