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To be yoga teacher was a dream fulfilled

2015-09-18 11:16:02


 Erin - The Mind Body Project

 Healthy vegetarian food by Reshma Khan at The Hutong class

 Running for relaxation

 Yoga class at The Hutong

 Yoga for the mind and body

Yoga on skateboard with Erin Lee Henshaw


Erin Lee Henshaw grew up near Washington DC in the U.S. Since her high school days she has been fascinated with yoga and held a desire to one day teach this very therapeutic mind and body lifestyle.
Erin came to Beijing five years ago - she was quickly recognised for her tea discovery tours and organizational work with events such as 'Chi Fan for Charity'. Discovering long established 'Yoga Yard' at Gongti Erin  was however also able to follow her passion!
Erin mentions similarities between yoga and tai chi. Both have a very gentle and relaxing feel to them. However yoga is more an indoors activity whilst tai chi is practiced more in parks and gardens.
Erin talks of the mental and physical benefits of yoga and of how she went earlier this year on a 28 day programme to a leading yoga centre in northeastern India. This led to her certification as a yoga teacher. Today she teaches yoga, for example, at The Hutong cultural exchange centre near Beixinqiao where this interview was recorded.  As she and Bruce talked an international school group arrived who Erin would later take to the Great Wall not only for sightseeing but also yoga practice in a stunning location.

Erin goes on to talk of the importance of food along with yoga and how in India the diet for students such as her was easily digestible, nutritious and vegetarian. She explains how this can be detoxing for the body.