AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Bringing the World together through an international festival of culture

2015-08-16 16:25:15


Chilly Gonzales (Alexandre Isard)

Festival Theatre Alonzo King Curtain Call  (Claudine Quinn)

Festival Theatre Interior (Claudine Quinn)

Nicola Benedetti (Simon Fowler - Decca)

Seven (Gert Weigelt)

Sword juggler on Edinburgh High Street (Bruce Connolly)


Fergus Linehan, Director of the Edinburgh International Festival was in Beijing recently. He is now back in Edinburgh overseeing one of the World’s most prestigious celebrations of culture - the Festival started on 7 August and will last all month until a spectacular firework display marks its closure.

Today Fergus starts by talking of Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, which last year was host to a very successful Commonwealth Games. Alongside the sporting events were a serious of cultural performances across the city. He talks of the similarities between Glasgow and Ireland with their strong musical traditions, particularly around historic bars where many impromptu sessions happen.

Fergus talks of the attractions of Scotland for overseas students - he describes the size of Scotland’s cities as manageable but having all the top academic attractions of major world centres. Both Edinburgh and Glasgow are very well connected not just with Europe but Asia through a variety of convenient air routes. Scotland has long had a very international view which is reflected in the success of the Edinburgh International Festival.

Presently Edinburgh will be receiving many visitors for this month of culture and fun associated with the seemingly endless series of  events and happenings that brings the world together in Scotland’s beautiful capital city