AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

A long historic heritage helps to attract top international students

2015-08-16 15:57:07


Adam Smith Lecture Theatre

Enjoying life in Glasgow

Photo taking after Graduation Ceremony

Quadrangle of Glasgow University

Springtime at The Univesity of Glasgow

University Gardens (Bruce Connolly)


Principal Anton Muscatelli of  Scotland’s prestigious Glasgow University was in Beijing recently. The University attracts a growing number of Chinese students and has a large alumni today across China. In today’s feature Principal Muscatelli talks first of how the University of Glasgow has a long history going back hundreds of years of attracting foreign students! However the largest numbers today are coming particularly from China, many of whom are attracted by its long historic heritage. The idea currently is for a globally connected university. To be a leading world academic institution collaboration worldwide is essential, particularly in attracting top international students.

The Principal was in Beijing coinciding with the visit of  Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. She is a Glasgow graduate of whom the university is very proud and presently is one of their most famous alumni.

Scotland is a major tourist destination and The Principal has noticed a growing number of tourists coming  to Scotland and Glasgow because their sons or daughters are studying there. He  goes on to talk of the enthusiasm he has seen amongst Chinese students for higher education and the University is very proud to be a major destination for so many inbound students from undergraduate through to post-doctoral level.