AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

A lesson in the correct storage of wine

2015-08-16 15:36:49


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In today’s feature with Claudia Masuger CEO and Founder of Cheers Imported Wines here in Beijing, we learn of the importance of storing wine correctly. If the bottle is not corked properly during storage oxygen mixes with the wine and the quality quickly deteriorates. Claudia shows Bruce a simple air extractor stopper where air can be removed from the bottle. A good stopper also prevents dust contaminating the wine. She has mentioned before about not leaving bottles in direct sunshine but keeping them cool and away from light. she explains also how to store sparkling wine to prevent the gas escaping.

Claudia talks again of making sure wine or any other drink on sale such as vodka, gin or whisky are genuine. In the drink wholesale business fake bottles are a worldwide problem. Claudia knows her suppliers personally and has gone to their distilleries and bottling plants overseas to ensure the products she will sell are genuine.

She introduces a special wine ‘decanter’ which helps to mix air with wine being poured, to create a more comfortable taste. She also shows a very large wine glass, usually used at receptions, which create an amazing resonance when tapped!