AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Aiming to provide a global experience for domestic students

2015-08-14 19:59:06

Chinese student in library of Glasgow University

Happy moments after years of study

Historic gate from  early days of Glasgow University

Principal Muscatelli at a Graduation Ceremony

Quadrangle of Glasgow University

Winter sunset University of Glasgow

The Principal of The University of Glasgow, Anton Muscatelli, was in Beijing recently. In today's feature he continues his account of the growing links the university has developed with major academic institutions in China.
He is very enthusiastic about the recent signing of a Joint-Graduate School programme with Tianjin's Nankai University. The teaching will be in English with Glasgow sending over teams of academic staff to work alongside their Chinese colleagues. This is aimed at providing a global experience for the domestic students. Principal Muscatelli has observed continual improvement with the levels of English in China allowing such post-graduate courses to be delivered in English.
Initially 35 students will embark on the programme but this number will steadily increase in coming years. Teaching will strongly focus on environmental, urban planning and international relations issues. Future collaboration in other subjects is planned.
The Principal goes on to explain the appeal of the University with its long history and distinctive architecture to Chinese students.