AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

Connections between Scotland and China within eduction continue to grow

2015-07-27 20:21:17


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When Bruce was back in Scotland last month he visited the Confucius Institute at The University of Glasgow. There he met at talked with its Director, Professor Ian Gow.
In this final report from the University Professor Gow talks of the long history of Scotland's connections with China. Many Scots over the last 150 years have lived, worked and were even born in China. Back in Scotland the memories and connections are still very strong, indeed the connections continue to grow. Professor Gow talks of writing a book on these connections but also realises that anyone who has lived many years in China often do not know where to start on their 'China Story'!
They talk of how people can get to know China through traveling by train slowly across the country and meeting the people - just like Bruce did for many years.
Professor Gow talks of the future of The Institute at The University and how it can help with developing and improving education and Chinese language amongst Scots. They talk also of the growing Chinese tourism  coming into Scotland and how this is creating employment opportunities. Visitors discover that the country has many excellent Chinese restaurants, although some have two menus! One for locals preferring 'westernized' Chinese cuisine while visitors and those familiar with China can discover menus with food just like in Beijing or Sichuan!
For Bruce it was a great privilege to visit Glasgow University and to discover the growing links between both countries.