AM774 . Bruce in Beijing

A legacy of research into China's historic architecture

2015-07-27 19:56:02

Bell Tower across courtyard roofs from Yindingqiao (Bruce Connolly)

Dongbianmen Watchtower and Ming Dynasty Walls Beijing (Bruce Connolly)

Glazed roof tiles Tai Miao (Bruce Connolly)

Ming Dynasty Zhihua Si Temple near Jianguomen (Bruce Connolly)

Restoration along Jade River Beijing (Bruce Connolly)

Zhonggulou from Shichahai (Bruce Connolly)


Gary Feurestein will very soon be heading back home to the U.S. As an architectural engineer he developed a great interest in the history of building preservation in China. He leaves behind some detailed research work on this subject.
In this final feature with Gary, he talks with Bruce in Sanlitun's iconic Opposite House Hotel - a structure so different in design from the grand historic structures from the Ming period which Gary has documented.
Gary talks of the evolution of the Hutongs dating from the Yuan Dynasty and of the problems some alleys face today with the increasing encroachment of motor cars. Gary points out that American cities grew up around the private car but Chinese cities are generally ancient and are now trying to cope with the growth of cars in areas meant for walking or rickshaws!
They go on to talk of how older buildings can be successfully reused and renovated into successful modern structures while maintaining the original appearance of historic areas.
Gary has certainly left a great legacy in his research and Bruce hopes he will return someday to tell us more of the architectural history of Beijing.